Amanda Kanaan – Medical Marketing Speaker

DSC_0992Amanda Kanaan, medical marketing speaker and Founder/President of WhiteCoat Designs, is available for speaking engagements at your next medical association meeting or educational conference. Medical marketing is a vital concept for any physician and administrator to understand in private practice. It’s not exactly something they teach in medical school, but it’s certainly something they should. Below are examples of topics or you may request a custom medical marketing focus of your choice from medical speaker Amanda Kanaan.

Amanda Kanaan worked for years as a marketing consultant for private medical practices before starting WhiteCoat Designs. She is a published journalist who has written more than 100 healthcare related articles for media sources such as, Med Monthly Magazine and various medical blogs. Amanda is also an experienced speaker who enjoys teaching health care professionals how to cost-effectively grow their practices.

Topic Examples:

Harnessing the Power of the Web to Grow Your Practice

With more than 80% of internet users, and 61% of all adults, searching online for health information, the rise of the “e-patient” is upon us. Rest assured that if you don’t have a dynamic online presence your practice is missing a valuable opportunity to grow your patient base and build your brand. Your website can be your most powerful employee or it can greatly harm your reputation. Don’t miss this “how to” guide providing insider information on medical website design tips, content management systems, social media usage, search engine optimization (SEO) and more.

Social Media 101 for Healthcare Professionals

A recent study revealed that 65% of patients are willing to switch their care to a physician using digital communications. With more than 800 million active users on Facebook and more than 175 million active users on Twitter, social media isn’t going anywhere and more and more patients are expecting local businesses, including their doctors, to be part of the conversation. This presentation covers how to use social media for healthcare professionals and covers issues such as HIPAA concerns.

I Have a Nice Website, Now What? How to Put Your Website to Work

So you spent all this time and money designing a beautiful website. Only one problem…only you and your friends and family are actually visiting the site. From search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) to social media and blogs, this presentation covers strategies on how to cost-effectively grow your website’s traffic and in turn increase your patient base.


Amanda Chay – Physician Liaison Speaker

websiteAmanda Chay, practice development director at WhiteCoat Designs, is available for speaking engagements at your next medical association meeting or educational conference. Amanda has years of experience as a successful physician liaison assisting private medical practices grow their businesses in competitive medical communities. As the practice development director at WhiteCoat Designs, she has implemented internal physician liaison programs from the ground up for a variety of specialities, including vascular surgery, cardiology, lifestyle medicine, and infertility. In addition, Amanda utilizes her past experiences as a pharmaceutical representative, medical blog writer and psychology professor to strengthen her physician liaison career.

Topic Examples:

Physician Liaison Programs for Private Practices

Research shows that up to 90% of all specialty referrals come from primary care practices. While the majority of physician liaison programs are implemented in hospital settings, there is a great need for private practices to grow their referrals. Even though private practices agree that a physician liaison program is beneficial to increasing patient referrals, the majority are unclear how to begin this task. Learn the necessary steps to the establishment of a physician liaison program for a private practice.

Tackling Challenges as a Physician Liaison

From practice politics to gate keepers, physician liaisons face a borage of obstacles as they market to the medical community. Over time, these roadblocks can limit their ability to promote their medical practice in the most productive manner. Don’t be discouraged. This presentation discusses creative ways to tackle these challenges while increasing presentation skills.

How to Read Non-Verbal Communication in Medical Professionals 

A shrug of the shoulders and a nod of the head… non-verbal behavior can say a lot without a single word being spoken. What medical professionals don’t say when you speak to them is just as important as what they do say. Clinical findings are now standing behind these facts too. Increasing your knowledge of non-verbal communication will provide you with clues to underlying emotions as you interact with the medical providers. Learn how to assess the behaviors of medical professionals more effectively.

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