Grow Patient Referrals with a Physician Liaison Program

How Referral Decisions are Made

Source: Clinical Advisory Board Physician Survey
7 Benefits of a Physician Relations Program »
  •   Locate and secure business from new referral sources
  •   Enhance existing relationships to further grow referrals
  •   Strategically promote your practice’s desired services, treatments, and providers
  •   Strengthen your practice’s reputation in the community
  •   Position your providers as cutting edge experts in the field
  •   Manage negative feedback in a prompt manner
  •   Keep your practice aware of changes in the marketplace

Increase Referrals with WhiteCoat’s Physician Liaison

Ready to implement a program that will help to increase patient referrals and enhance the overall growth of your practice? Below are five programs offered by WhiteCoat Designs that were created to meet the needs of all medical practices - whether you already have a liaison program or want to start a new one.


In order to build a loyal referral base that will increase new patients long term, WhiteCoat recommends implementing an internal physician liaison program (i.e. a physician liaison that is completely devoted to marketing only your practice). Our proprietary Physician Liaison Implementation Program is a three-phase process (research, strategy and implementation) that includes technical training, market analysis, in-the-field experience, results reporting and weekly monitoring of the liaison.


For those practices/organizations that already have a physician liaison program but are interested in improving the knowledge and skill-set of their liaison(s), WhiteCoat offers ongoing education. One of our highly experienced physician liaison consultants will spend the day educating and coaching your liaison(s). This service is offered either off-site (we will travel to your location) or on-site (at our offices in Raleigh, NC).


Wondering if your current physician liaison program is performing to its full potential? WhiteCoat will analyze your current program (everything from strategy to referral tracking) to identify opportunities to optimize your physician liaison program and ensure your practice its achieving optimal results.


Selecting the right candidate is the first and most important step in ensuring a successful physician liaison program. After years of experience working with physician liaisons, WhiteCoat understands the unique skill-set and personality traits of an ideal candidate. Whether it’s interviewing an internal candidate or conducting an external search, we’ll help you find the right person for the job.


When you don’t have the time and/or the experience to properly manage your physician liaison program, WhiteCoat will monitor your liaison(s) and provide ongoing education, accountability and strategy oversight. Our monitoring service will help you get the most out of your liaison program.

Client Testimonials

samuelDr. Samuel E. Brown
Brown Fertility

“WhiteCoat Designs has helped me significantly grow referrals over the last several years and I would not be nearly as successful without their physician liaison program.”

Dr. James Hathorn
Regional Cancer Care

“Over the last year, WhiteCoat Designs has helped our practice see more growth then we even thought possible. New patient numbers are up significantly from the year before!”

markDr. Mark Clarkson
Raleigh Capitol ENT

“The liaison program has improved our attentiveness and responsiveness to referring providers to a degree which would have been exceedingly difficult to accomplish without the efforts of our WhiteCoat team.”

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